Maximising Efficiency and Success: Working with Oracle Guided Learning

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, organisations strive to optimise their operations and harness the full potential of their enterprise software solutions. Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications is recognised by many of the world’s largest companies as one of the most powerful platforms to provide their business with enhanced functionality and operational efficiency. Critical to reaching that goal, and fully leveraging the associated technical investment, it is essential for employees to undergo comprehensive training. Oracle Guided Learning is an excellent option for consideration in addressing that need, empowering users with a dynamic and interactive eLearning, that can be, when working with a suitable training partner tailored to their needs. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of working with Oracle Guided Learning and how it can transform your organisation’s training initiatives.

Personalised Learning Experience:
Oracle Guided Learning offers a personalised approach to training, accommodating diverse skill levels and learning preferences. With its adaptive learning paths, users can embark on a guided journey that aligns with their specific roles and responsibilities within the organisation. By your chosen Training Partner tailoring the learning content to individual needs, users can learn at their own pace, focus on acquiring the knowledge and key business skills, processes and scenarios most relevant to their daily tasks and their associated change journey. The opportunity to personalise the learning experience fosters engagement, in turn boosting the effectiveness of the project’s training program and support of staff in go live and beyond.

Hands-on Learning:
A key strength of Oracle Guided Learning is an emphasis on hands-on learning. Rather than relying solely on theoretical knowledge, users are immersed in interactive simulations and real-world scenarios that mirror their job responsibilities. An approach recognised by SAP within their tool Enable Now. This practical methodology enables employees to develop a deep understanding of how to harness Oracle Fusion and perform tasks efficiently. By actively engaging with the software through simulated exercises, users gain the confidence and expertise necessary to excel in their roles whilst reducing the skills delta in the programme’s change journey.

Continuous Learning and Support:
The world of enterprise software is ever-evolving, with updates and enhancements introduced regularly. Oracle Guided Learning helps organisations address this challenge by providing continuous learning and support. As new features or functionalities are introduced, users receive timely updates to their learning paths, ensuring they stay up-to-date with the latest developments. Additionally, the platform offers on-demand support, allowing users to access relevant training resources whenever they encounter a question or need assistance. This continuous learning culture promotes ongoing professional growth and improves user adoption of the Oracle Fusion platform. Your Training Partner can work with you to ensure any custom is managed quickly and efficiently throughout this cycle.

Cost and Time Savings:
A large ERP programme supported solely via traditional classroom training can be time-consuming and unduly expensive. Oracle Guided Learning offers a cost-effective alternative that reduces the need for extensive travel, instructor fees, and printed materials. With its anytime, anywhere accessibility, employees can engage in training at their convenience, eliminating the need for scheduling conflicts. Instructor Led interventions, in turn are able to focus on key skills, business critical scenarios and further cementing high value process skills with learners. The interactive nature of the eLearning modules and lighter touch ILT can minimise the time required for grasping concepts and streamlines the learning process, enabling employees to quickly apply their new found knowledge to their daily tasks.

Enhanced Change Management:
Implementing new software systems often entails change management challenges within an organisation. Oracle Guided Learning can incorporate the programme’s change management principles into its training approach, helping users embrace the transition smoothly. By offering targeted training resources and communication materials, the platform fosters user adoption and reduces resistance to change. This results in a smoother implementation process, increased productivity, and faster return on investment.

Oracle Guided Learning is changing the the training landscape for Oracle Fusion users. Its personalised approach, hands-on learning, continuous support, cost savings, and change management integration make it a valuable tool consideration for organisations seeking to maximise the efficiency and success of their Oracle Fusion implementations. By harnessing the power of Oracle Guided Learning, businesses can empower their employees to become proficient users, driving innovation and achieving their organisational goals.

Contact iTrain to discover how Oracle Guided Learning can be effectively utilised within your Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications programme and how effective training and OGL can elevate your organisation’s performance.

Maximising Efficiency and Success: Working with Oracle Guided Learning

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