Oracle AME (Approvals Management Engine)

Following a recent client workshop covering Oracle AME (Approvals Management Engine) our Consultant noted that a popular question was on “disappearing dashboards”. We thought the following summary from our Consultant could be helpful for others looking for guidance.

“Attendees were equally bemused and confused that although having given themselves the appropriate AME responsibilities they are unable to see the dashboards or any other functionality associated with the responsibilities.

Well I had one word for them “RBAC” well actually four words Role Based Access Control.


This was new functionality back in R12 where it allows us another level of security in managing what our users can do within Oracle eBusiness, but it also means that to enable some functionality we cannot just assign responsibilities we must perform some other setup.

• Login as Administrator (APPSADMIN or SYSADMIN)
• Create a new user with no responsibilities

Note. a user with sysadmin responsibility will not suffice you must login as the Sysadmin user.

• Choose User Management responsibility
• Select Users page
• Find user you have just created and click Update

• Select Assign Roles and search for Role starting with Approval%
• Add all these roles to the user
• Fill out Justification for each role and save.

• After assigning the roles, you need to grant your user access to the AME transaction types (data)
• Switch to Functional Administrator responsibility
• Select Create Grant
• Create a grant for the specific user you created on object “AME transaction types”
• Grant for “All Rows”
• Choose Application Set = AME Calling Applications
• Proceed to last page and select Finish

The responsibility ‘Approvals Management Business Analyst’ is assigned along with the required roles, viewable in the Indirect Responsibilities tab of the Define Users form.

You now will have Access to the Business Analyst Dashboard!”


To learn more about how to use the AME dashboard and all AME’s functionality to for broader support from please contact the iTrain team.

Oracle AME (Approvals Management Engine)
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