Alstom Power

Alstom Power

Alstom Power is one of the largest commercial manufacturers of major supply equipment to the UK and European Power industry. Employing over 35,000 staff, Alstom Power has implemented the SAP ERP suite to cover operations including CRM, IS-U and Billing, Finance, Purchasing and Supply Chain.

In conjunction with the rollout of the SAP suite, Alstom Power was also engaged in a major process of business development involving a total review of business processes, procedures and the rollout of training and business development programmes to all staff.  With the licensing of iTrain’s eLearning platform ‘Stratus’ classroom and self learning training programmes were deployed for the SAP system and the associated business improvement programme.

Enabling Change

iTrain were selected by competitive tender to provide a blended training solution to support the SAP CRM and IS-U training rollout programme for the Alstom Power SAP implementation. Working to strict business deadlines, we developed a range of classroom and Stratus eLearning training solutions that were designed to incorporate the bespoke SAP system implementation processes in conjunction with the necessary soft skills and business process methodologies associated with the overall business change programme. The entire programme from initial tender to delivery was completed within 1 year and was delivered to students across the world.

iTrain consultants also incorporated a range of measurement and control processes into the programme to integrate with the ongoing Alstom employee assessment and Learning and Development programmes.

Transformation Benefits

  • Increased engagement of operational staff in the whole supply chain process across EMEA, APAC, USA.
  • Reduction in the number of parked invoices of over 2600 to 827 in 1 month.
  • Improved user comprehension with Stratus bespoke training solutions.
  • Aligned with the business cost saving strategy.

“The positive feedback from these training sessions has been at the highest levels, confirming our belief that iTrain-CRM and the training process adopted should be the footprint for all future change management training requirements”.

Darren Bramhill Head of Procurement Alstom Power Service UK.

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