Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher

Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher

Course Code:O1039

Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (OBI) training course is a template-based publishing solution available within the Oracle Business Suite, within PeopleSoft, and also in a standalone version.

Duration: 3 Days

Target Audience:

Business Users
Report Writers
Oracle Database Administrators
Oracle Analysts
Oracle Developers
Technical Consultants



XML Programming
Oracle PL/SQL

Course Contents

The Oracle Business Publisher (BI) training course will provide students with hands on experience using the desktop tools such as Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Word. Students will learn how to create and maintain their own reports via the BI Publisher architecture.
Oracle Business Publisher (BI) training course will cover the different options available within the BI Publisher Enterprise reporting portal and how to create a BI Publisher Enterprise online reporting application from scratch.

Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher Course Contents

Create BI Publisher templates
Create and maintain reports using BI Publisher Enterprise
Create and run reports interactively
Schedule and deliver reports to recipients
Explore advanced topics in BI Publisher
Introduction to BI Publisher
Class objectives
BI Publisher Architecture

BI Publisher Data Models

Describe the sample schemas used in course practices
Creating a BI Publisher Report from a BI Answers Request
Creating a BI Publisher Report from the Oracle Database
Creating a Data Template Report
Creating a BI Publisher Report from the OBIEE Subject Area
Creating a Multi-Source BI Publisher Report
Editing Report Properties

RTF Templates Using Word

Exploring the MS Word BI Publisher Interface
Creating Table Wizard Templates
Uploading (Pushing) Templates to a BI Publisher Report
Creating Multiple Layouts for One Report
Uploading (Pulling) Templates to a BI Publisher Report
Creating Custom Tables
Implementing Totals on Layouts
Creating Summary Group Tables

Creating PDF templates
Creating PDF templates using Adobe Acrobat

Disconnected Report Dev

Exporting a Data Model
Developing Layouts in Disconnected Mode

Custom Calculations

Group-level calculations
Report-level calculations

Report Formatting

Formatting using native Word features
Conditional Formatting
Creating Templates
Applying Advanced Conditional Formatting
Applying Page Breaks and Page Numbers

Crosstabs (Pivot Tables)

Creating Crosstabs

Creating Vertical Bar Charts

Creating Pie Charts
Exploring Chart Options

Developing Form Field Layouts

Creating Two-Column Tables
Creating Three-Column Tables
Creating Nested Three-Column Tables

Parameters and Lists of Values

Duplicating Existing Reports
Creating Selection Lists
Creating Parameters
Filtering with Parameters
Creating Cascading Parameters
Using Hyperlinks to Drill and Navigate

Advanced Layout Options

Backgrounds and Watermarks
Annotating Layouts with Drawings and Shapes
Table of Contents
Dynamic Data Columns
Batch Reporting

Report Distribution

Bursting and Scheduling using a Single Layout
Bursting and Scheduling using Multiple Layouts
Bursting to E-mail
Bursting and Scheduling Options
Scheduling BI Publisher Reports
Viewing saved output and history
Managing scheduled reports

BI Publisher Reports in OBIEE
Including a BI Publisher Report in a Dashboard Page

Page level Calculations
Page level Calculations and Context Specific Content

BI Publisher Analysis Tools
Review of BI Publisher Analysis Tools

XML Reporting and Data Sets
Introduction to XML Reporting and Data Sets

Oracle BI Publisher Admin

Security Models
Configure data sources, users, roles and permissions, delivery options
Administrative tasks
Defining a Report Repository
Configuring BI Publisher Scheduler
Establishing a Database Connection
Installing BI Publisher Desktop
Creating Layouts for Check Printing
Advanced Layout Exercises

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