Effective Training for SAP IS Retail

SAP IS Retail is a comprehensive software solution designed to meet the needs of retailers. The software is designed to improve the supply chain, financials, inventory management, and customer engagement. To effectively implement SAP IS Retail and, crucially, harness the full potential of the solution and investment, companies must provide adequate training to their employees specific needs.

It is recognised that effective training for SAP IS Retail involves a combination of classroom and online training. Online training allows employees to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule, it is a highly effective method of training staff on new processes and ways of working.  Classroom training should work with on line resources, moving employees new process focussed skills into key businesss scenarios, allowing employees to interact with instructors, ask questions and further cement their skills with hands on exervises. A blended approach to training is often the most effective because it allows employees to learn in a variety of ways. It ensures your staff, who absorb new information most effectively in a variety of ways, are best equipped for golive and into business as usual.

Particulary effective training for SAP IS Retail is to provide hands-on experience. Employees should have the opportunity to work with the software and practice using it in real-world scenarios. This can be accomplished through simulations, role-playing, and other interactive training methods. iTrain have further developed this with our iTrain Anywhere service; our team train your staff where they are best placed to learn. This extends not only to any geographic location but also within your business settings. iTrain have successfully delivered SAP IS Retail in warehouses for warehouse staff, in retail for retail staff deploying a range of mediums to ensure our client’s staff receive training tailored to their specific business and locational needs.

Another important consideration for effective training for SAP IS Retail is the provision of ongoing support. Employees will have questions and issues as your business enters BAU and they begin using the software. Companies should provide a help desk, support team, training drop in sessions to assist employees with any issues they encounter. eLearning provides an essential on going tool in this regard. See also our pieces on SAP Enable Now for in application support that delivers process specific support as your employees need it. Addressing on going support will help ensure that employees feel confident and competent when using the software, address skills erosion and support job changers and news recruits.

Finally, companies should establish a culture of continuous learning. SAP IS Retail is a complex software solution, and employees will need ongoing training and support to stay up-to-date on new features and functionalities. By encouraging ongoing learning and development, companies can ensure that their employees are equipped to use SAP IS Retail effectively and maximise their return on investment.

In conclusion, effective training for SAP IS Retail involves a blended approach that includes classroom and online training, hands-on experience, ongoing support, and a culture of continuous learning. By providing employees with the right training and support, companies can be confident that they get the most out of their investment in SAP IS Retail.

iTrain have extensive experience supporting retail customers, contact us now to discuss how we can support your SAP IS Retail project.

Effective Training for SAP IS Retail
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