Snort & Sourcefire

Snort is an open-source intrusion detection system (IDS) that Sourcefire, acquired by Cisco in 2013 is based upon. But, seeing as you're on this page, our guess is you already knew that!

iTrain deliver a range of Snort IDS/IPS training courses, detailed below all of which are available as live online classes either as scheduled courses, or closed events tailored to the specific needs of your company and project needs.

Our Sourcefire courses are delivered to security professionals around the world to meet the specific project and budget needs of our clients.
Designed to ensure each attendee recieves detailed hands on training our programs are a proven route for companies to reduce the cost of Sourcefire Snorth deployments and maintenance, and build in house skills and capabilities as part of their employee pdp.

All iTrain Sourcefire attendees will receive deep dive hands on training, full reference materials, certificate, hands-on training labs delivered by industry experts.

iTrain welcome discussing your training needs and if required designing a programme that will meet your company's specific Sourcefire // IDS /IPS training needs.

Snort is a registered trademark of Cisco and/or it's affiliates. iTrain is not associated with Cisco Inc or any of it's affiliates.