SAP HCM Reporting

Course code: S1152

2 days

After taking this course, users will be able to use the standard reports that are available in SAP HR.

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Course Contents

After taking this course, users will be able to use the standard reports that are available in SAP HR. They will also be able to create customized reporting criteria for their own reports. The concept of reporting on simulated payroll and time infotypes is also discussed along with a detailed overview of Business warehouse.

Training Course Contents


  • What is SAP HCM?
  • Key Concepts

Navigation in SAP HCM

  • Navigation and basic on-screen operations
  • Screen Elements
  • Types of Help available
  • User Specific settings

Reporting in Human Resources

  • HR Reporting
  • Roles in the Workplace
  • Reporting Levels

Overview of Reporting Tools

  • Human Resource Information System (HIS)
  • ManagerÂ’s Desktop
  • Info Systems in the SAP Easy Access Menu
  • Ad Hoc Query
  • SAP Query
  • Business Information Warehouse

HR Information System (HIS)

  • Accessing HIS: Views
  • Structural Graphics: Overview
  • Customizing HIS

ManagerÂ’s Desktop

  • Working with Manager's Desktop
  • Prerequisites
  • Theme Categories and Functions
  • Customizing

Info System in SAP Access Menu

  • Standard Reports in Human Resources
  • Standard Reporting:Reporting Using the ABAP Workbench
  • Reports in the SAP Easy Access Menu
  • Defining Customer Info Systems
  • Creating New Area Menus

Logical Databases and InfoSets

  • The Functions of Logical Databases
  • Logical Databases and InfoSets
  • InfoSets and User Groups

Logical Databases in HR

  • Logical Database PNP
  • Data Model Personnel Administration
  • Logical Database PCH
  • Data Model Personnel Planning
  • Reporting on Data From PNP & PCH
  • Logical Database PAP

Creating and Changing InfoSets

  • Creating an InfoSet
  • Additional Fields and Local Fields
  • Global and Standard Query Area

Ad Hoc Query

  • InfoSets for Ad Hoc Query
  • Choosing Selection and Output Fields
  • Processing Text Fields
  • Entering Selection Options and Values
  • Determining Reporting Period
  • Time Constraints and Data Output
  • Editing the Selected Set of Objects
  • Data Output on the Ad Hoc Query Screen
  • Defining and Formatting Output
  • Selection Using Organizational Structure
  • Restricting the Reporting Set
  • Set Operations
  • Reporting on Data from Personnel Planning
  • Logs
  • Reusing Queries
  • Integration of Ad Hoc Query

SAP Query

  • Creating Queries
  • Basic Lists, Statistics and Ranked lists
  • Additional Fields & Local Fields
  • Global & Standard Query Area
  • Transports From The Global Area

Payroll & Simulated Infotypes

  • Payroll Infotypes
  • Reporting on Payroll Results
  • Technical Structure
  • Cumulated Payroll Infotypes
  • Creating a PIT (Overview)
  • Define Evaluation Wage Types
  • Payroll Infotypes and Simulated Infotypes
  • Time Management Reporting Without Simulated Infotypes
  • Time Management Reporting With Simulated Infotypes

HR for BW

  • Overview of the Business Information Warehouse
  • Business Information Warehouse
  • OLAP Processor
  • InfoCubes
  • Navigation
  • Business Content
  • Three Levels of Data
  • Business Content: Structures
  • HR in the Business Information Warehouse