SAP HCM Personnel Time Management

Course code: S1154

3 days

This course is designed to introduce and detail the Time Data recording and Administration aspect of SAP Human Capital Management.

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Course Contents

This course is designed to introduce and detail the Time Data recording and Administration aspect of SAP Human Capital Management. It covers all the aspects of using and navigating the negative time management within SAP HCM and enables end users to manage employeesÂ’ time data effectively.

Training Course Contents


  • What is SAP HCM?
  • Key Concepts

Navigation in SAP HCM

  • Navigation and basic on-screen operations
  • Moving the Focus to the Initial Position
  • Navigating with the Tab Key
  • Starting a Transaction
  • Shortcut Keys for Functions
  • Screen Elements
  • Favourites
  • Roles

Concepts of Time Management

  • Integrating Time Management in Your EnterpriseÂ’s Organizational Structure
  • Personnel Subarea Grouping for Work Schedules
  • Employee Subgroup Grouping for Work Schedules
  • Work Schedule
  • Daily Work Schedule
  • Break Schedules
  • Period Work Schedules
  • Work Schedule Rule

Personal Work Schedules

  • Displaying Overviews of Work Schedules
  • Maintaining Work Schedules
  • Displaying Work Schedules
  • Navigating Between Levels in the Work Schedule
  • Displaying Personal Work Schedules

Public Holiday Calendars

  • Creating Public Holiday Calendars
  • Assigning Holidays to Public Holiday Calendars
  • Deleting Holidays from Public Holiday Calendars
  • Changing Public Holiday Calendars
  • Deleting Public Holiday Calendars
  • Displaying Public Holiday Calendars

Shift Planning

  • Default Values for Shift Planning
  • Requirements
  • Planning Shifts

Working with Object Manager

  • Finding/Selecting Objects Using Search Functions
  • Using Search Variants
  • Configuring Columns

Time Management Infotypes

  • Planned Working Time (Infotype 0007)
  • Time Recording Information Infotype (0050)
  • Absences (Infotype 2001)
  • Attendances Infotype (2002)
  • Substitutions Infotype (2003)
  • Availability Infotype (2004)
  • Overtime Infotype (2005)
  • Absence Quotas Infotype (2006)
  • Time Quota Compensation Infotype (0416)
  • Attendance Quotas Infotype (2007)
  • Employee Remuneration Info Infotype (2010)
  • Time Events Infotype (2011)
  • Time Transfer Specifications Infotype (2012)
  • Quota Corrections Infotype (2013)
  • Leave Compensation Infotype (0083)

Constraints in Time Management

  • The Concept of Collision Checks
  • Types of Collision reactions

Processing Time Data

  • Processing Time Data Using the Time ManagerÂ’s Workplace
  • Maintaining Time Data Using the Time Data Menu
  • Displaying Time Data Using The Time Data Menu
  • Maintaining Time Data Using a Calendar
  • Displaying Time Data Using A Calendar
  • Maintaining Time Data Using List Entry
  • Fast Entry of Time Data for Several Employees At The Same Time

Absences/Attendances Quotas

  • Absence Quotas Infotype (2006)
  • Attendance Quotas Infotype (2007)
  • Quota Overview: Checking, Valuating, and Correcting Quotas
  • Automatic Accrual of Absence Quotas
  • Deducting Absence Quotas
  • Methods for Compensating Time Quotas
  • Time Quota Compensation Infotype (0416)
  • Displaying Absence Quota Information (Report RPTQTA10)

Time Manager's Workplace

  • Screen Areas of the Time ManagerÂ’s Workplace
  • Time Data Maintenance in TMW
  • Tools
  • Message Processing
  • Authorizations in the Time ManagerÂ’s Workplace

Time Management Reports

  • Work Schedule reports
  • Attendance Data Reports
  • Absence Data Reports
  • Time Accounts reports
  • Time Management Reports Using SAP Query