SAP HCM Payroll Process

Course code: S1151

2 days

This course is designed to help the end user perform day to day payroll processes using the Payroll component of SAP HCM.

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Course Contents

This course is designed to help the end user perform day to day payroll processes using the Payroll component of SAP HCM. The user learns about the various components of payroll, how to run the payroll process, how to post the payroll results to accounting and the concepts of retroactive accounting.

Training Course Contents


  • What is SAP HCM?
  • Key Concepts

Navigation in SAP HCM

  • Navigation and basic on-screen operations
  • Screen Elements
  • Types of Help available
  • User Specific settings

Introduction to Payroll

  • Overview of the Payroll Process
  • Calculation of Wage Elements
  • Retroactive Accounting

Entering Payroll Data

  • Payroll Prerequisites
  • Overview Personnel Processes
  • Methods of Entering Time Data

Organising a Live Payroll Run

  • Payroll Organisation
  • Setting up the Payroll System in Customising
  • Payroll Areas
  • Payroll Periods
  • Generating Payroll Periods
  • Generating the Calendar for Cumulations
  • Payroll Control Record:
  • Payroll Status Infotype
  • Retroactive Accounting Limits (3 Scenarios)

Payroll Process

  • Overview Payroll Process
  • Payroll Simulation
  • Release Payroll
  • Start Payroll
  • Payroll Log
  • Detail View of a Processing Step
  • Rejected Personnel Numbers
  • Matchcode W
  • Check Result
  • Corrections
  • Exit Payroll

Payroll Reports

  • Display Payroll Results
  • Remuneration Statement
  • Payroll Account and Payroll Journal
  • Wage Type Evaluations
  • Evaluation of Payroll Results

Posting Results to Accounting

  • Components Involved
  • Overview Posting to Accounting
  • Posting Process
  • Execute Posting Run
  • Posting Run Log
  • Document Analysis
  • Display Posting Runs
  • Document Overview
  • Payroll Result and Posted Amounts
  • Releasing a Document
  • Displaying Posting Documents
  • Reversing a Posting Run
  • Integration with other Subsequent Activities

Bank Transfers & Processing

  • Generating Checks/Bank Transfers
  • Repeating a Run
  • Qualified Advance Payment

Some typcial Payroll Problems

  • Delayed Time Recording Sheets
  • Retroactive Employee Transfer
  • Change of Payroll Area
  • Error Due to Missing Basic Pay Infotype
  • Error in Planned Working Time Infotype (0007)
  • Errors in Payroll Administration
  • Partial Period Factoring