UPK Skills Upgrade Course

Course code: O1105

2 days £920.00

This course is designed for course authors, editors and other individuals who have used a previous version of User Productivity Kit (UPK), or OnDemand Personal Navigator (ODPN)*.

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27 Nov 2017 Edinburgh Delegates:    £920.00
04 Dec 2017 Edinburgh Delegates:    £920.00
18 Dec 2017 London Delegates:    £920.00

Course Contents

This course is designed for course authors, editors and other individuals who have used a previous version of User Productivity Kit (UPK), or OnDemand Personal Navigator (ODPN)*. Participants will learn the differences between the old and new versions.

Training Course Contents


  • High level overview of the
  • products, its differences and the
  • components that make up this
  • course

Managing Library Folders

  • Using the Library
  • Creating a New Folder
  • Managing Folders

Working with Documents

  • Opening and Saving Documents
  • Creating a New Document

Changing Views and Layouts

  • Splitting the Work Area
  • Viewing Folder Content
  • Changing the Outline Editor View

Refining the Outline

  • Moving and Deleting a Doc Link
  • Undoing and Redoing an Action
  • Linking an Existing Document
  • Printing an Outline

Working with Related Documents

  • Managing Related Documents
  • Deleting a Document and
  • Related Documents
  • Viewing and Repairing Broken Links

Understanding Toolpanes

  • Displaying/Positioning Toolpanes
  • Moving and Resizing a Toolpane
  • Displaying Multiple Toolpanes
  • Autohiding Docked Toolpanes

Viewing and Assigning Document

  • Viewing Document Properties
  • General Properties
  • Assigning Multiple Doc Properties
  • Topic Properties
  • Keywords Properties

Working with Attachments

  • Creating Packages, Web Pages and URLs
  • Linking Attachments as Concepts
  • Linking Attachments in a Bubble
  • Managing Linked Attachments

Working with Glossary Terms

  • Defining Glossary Terms
  • Creating a Glossary
  • Updating and Editing a Glossary

Working with Roles

  • Creating Roles for Topic Filtering
  • Assigning Roles to Topics
  • Managing Roles

Changes to the Topic Editor

  • Saving a Topic
  • Recorder Context Recognition
  • Re-Recording a Topic
  • Changing the end of an Alternative Path
  • Working with Sound Properties

Reusing Documents

  • Copying and Pasting in the Outline
  • Copying and Pasting in the Library
  • Using Paste Special
  • Copying a Folder

Publishing Content

  • Setting Preview Options
  • Using the Publishing Wizard

Customising Published Output

  • Customising Publishing Styles
  • Customising Published Formats
  • Publishing Categories

Customising Templates

  • Changing Template Text in the Bubble
  • Changing Instructional Text
  • Changing the Font Format for Template Text
  • Translating Templates

Exporting & Importing Contro

  • Exporting Content
  • Importing Content

Converting Content

  • Convert Previous Content Version
  • Content Conversion Logic
  • Convert Template Sound

Localising Content

  • Exporting Content for Localisation
  • Importing Localised Content
  • Summary of the Localisation Process

Creating Login Profiles

  • System Architecture Overview
  • Creating Login Profiles
  • Managing Login Profiles

Checking In and Checking Out

  • Checking In and Checking Out Documents
  • Refreshing the Library and Outline Editor
  • Managing Folder Conflict
  • Versioning a Document

Multi-User Environment

  • Working in a Multi-User Environment
  • Multi-User Considerations
  • Deleting Documents
  • Collaboration with other Authors
  • Managing Workflow
  • Converting Content and Publising
  • Working Online and Offline

Using Administrative Options

  • Managing State Values
  • Purging Deleted Documents
  • Managing Authors
  • Overriding Checked Out Documents
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