Oracle Reports v2.5

Course code: O025

3 days

This is a practical course covering Oracle's flagship report writing tool, Oracle Reports v2.5.

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Course Contents

This is a practical course covering Oracle's flagship report writing tool, Oracle Reports v2.5. The course aims to cover ground level techniques necessary to understand the product and implement enterprise standard reports within the development business environment.

Training Course Contents

Report Basics & Obj. Navigator

  • What is Oracle Reports?
  • Welcome to Report Builder
  • Object Navigator Menus
  • Object Navigator Toolbars
  • Object Navigator Structures

Building a Basic Report

  • Creating a Data Model
  • Using the Layout tool
  • What Data Model objects were built
  • What Layout Model objects were built
  • What Object Navigator objects were built

Data Model

  • Data Model Work Area
  • Formula Columns
  • Control Break Groups
  • Summary Columns Manually
  • Query Properties
  • Group Properties
  • Database Column Properties
  • Multiple Queries & the Additional Default
  • Layout Tool
  • Query Data Links

Live Previewer & Layout Model

  • Layout Model Work Area
  • Layout Model Tools
  • Layout Model Menus
  • Report Formatting using the Layout Model
  • Layout Object Properties
  • Header and Trailer Pages

Margin Page

  • Field Referencing in Boilerplate Text
  • Tabular Report Style
  • Form-like Report Style
  • Mailing Label Report Style
  • Form Letter Report Style
  • Master Detail Report Style
  • Matrix Report Style

Report Parameters

  • Setting System Parameters
  • Creating User Parameters
  • Building Parameter Drop Down Lists
  • Parameter Form Builder
  • Parameter Form Formatting

PL/SQL in Reports

  • PL/SQL Overview
  • PL/SQL Editor
  • Report Triggers
  • Format Triggers
  • Validation Triggers
  • Creating Independent Program Units
  • Building and Using PL/SQL Libraries
  • SRW.Message Built In
  • SRW.Run Built Ins

Interactive Reporting

  • Creating Buttons in Reports
  • Drilling Through Reports Using SRW.Run_Report
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