Oracle R12 Using and Maintaining Oracle Approvals (AME)

Course code: G1612

2 days

Our Oracle R12 Using and Maintaining Oracle Approvals (AME) Training Course welcomes you to the world of Approvals. This intensive two day course will provide students with a hands on guide to understanding the functionality of AME.

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Who Should Attend?

Functional consultants

System Administrators

Workflow Developers


Oracle Functional Configuration

Course Contents

iTrains Oracle R12 Approvals Management course is a practical guide to understanding the functionality of AME and the Oracle modules and how it can be configured to work with them . 

By using Attributes, Item classes and Conditions the User will learn to create AME Rules that can select approvers from HR or Purchasing Hierarchies. 

The course is designed to show how approvals can be managed for transactions within Account Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, HR without the need for amending SQL within Oracle’s Workflows. 

Approval Processes
AME and Workflow
Transactions Types
Using the Administrator and Business Analyst Dashboard
Mapping Business Requirements

Implementing AME
Profile Options

Attributes overview
Attribute Properties
Attribute types
Supervisor approval types
Define Boolean Attributes 
Currency Attributes 
Dynamic Attributes
Using Attributes

Using Conditions
Creating Conditions
List amendment Conditions
Editing Conditions

Action Types
Creation Action Types
Editing Action Types
Using action Types

Rule Properties
Rule Types
Exception rules
Define Substitution and shared Rules
Dual chain approval types
Rule effective dates
Rule Priorities
List Modification and Substitution Rules
Building List Creation Rules
Using Rules
Using Rule with a Line Item

Approval Groups
Defining and Using Approval Groups
Line Approvals
Dual Chains of Authority
Parallel Approvals
List Creation
Voting Regimes

Testing Workbench
Creation Rules


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