Oracle GoldenGate 11g Troubleshooting and Tuning

Course code: O10191

3 days £1,650.00

This Oracle GoldenGate Troubleshooting and Tuning training course provides a troubleshooting guide for Oracle GoldenGate. The course addresses some of the common issues faced by the implementer.

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Who Should Attend?

Database Administrators Support Engineers System Administrators Technical Consultants.


Before tasking this course students should have GoldenGate fundamentals or equivalent experience.

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Course Contents

Oracle GoldenGate Troubleshooting and Tuning will cover the creation of an exception handler that automatically logs the details of a failed transaction for further analysis and resolution. During this course students will also be able to learn how to improve the performance and troubleshoot the extract, the pump and the replicate GoldenGate processes running on the Source and Target DB server nodes.

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

Understand GoldenGate Troubleshooting tips, Troubleshoot and tune Extract process,
Troubleshoot and tune Pump processes, Troubleshoot and tune Replicate processes,
Troubleshoot common problems such as synchronization issues, missed transactions not coming through

Troubleshooting GoldenGate

• Troubleshooting tips
• Investigating network issues
• Checking process checkpoints.
• Adjusting start point for extract, pump and replicate processes.
• Exception handling.
• Handling oracle sequences
• Troubleshooting extract starting problems.
• Troubleshooting replication problems.
• Troubleshooting mapping problems.
• Troubleshooting synchronisation problems.
• How to open a case with oracle to troubleshoot GoldenGate problems.

Different ways to gather evidence prior to the begin of tuning or troubleshooting GoldenGate problems

• Commands to view reports and log files generated by GoldenGate processes.
• Commands to view processing status.
• Commands to view errors
• Commands to show how checkpoints work.
• Commands to show contents of Discard file.
• Commands to show contents of error log and system log files.

Tuning GoldenGate processing

• Use of tuning parameters to improve extracts workings.
• Use of tuning parameters to improve pumps workings.
• Use of tuning parameters to improve replicats workings.
• Identifying network and disk bottlenecks.

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