Oracle 18c Database Training Courses from iTrain

01 May 2019

Oracle Database 18c Courses

Oracle remains the most popular database in the world (see: “DB-Engines” ranking, May 2019).

In February 2018, Oracle started releasing version 18c – which followed directly from version 12c. This release is NOT a major release but the numbering of versions has been now unified across the Oracle product range.

Of course, “c” in versions 18c and 12c stands for “cloud” – as Oracle is trying to show its full commitment to cloud architecture – yet, the product can be deployed in the Oracle Cloud or/and on premises.

Choice is of course left to the customers, but Oracle does not shy away from making a strong case in favour of the Oracle Cloud option. An independent and impartial analysis and the devising of a technical strategy suitable for each customer’s unique needs is therefore more crucial than ever.

Notwithstanding, Oracle’s popularity is no surprise: it (arguably…) delivers, in terms of cost and security, the world’s fastest, scalable and reliable database.

With cloud, on-premises and hybrid configurations Oracle Database 18c brings some new functionality and enhances 12c in many areas, including:

  • Multitenant Architecture – delivering both increased cost savings and agility.
  • In-Memory Column Store – huge performance improvements for real-time analytics.
  • Native Database Sharding - high availability for resource hungry web applications
  • Enhancement of in-database performance, availability, security, analytics and application development.

Following our commitment to support our customers in employing the latest technologies, iTrain’s portfolio has now been updated to include training support for the new version (although training in older versions are still available). Our team has training and consulting experience extending back to version 5 of the Oracle database, and it is uniquely placed to provide independent expertise, clear of Oracle’s explicit and implicit promoting of particular technical decisions.

iTrain Oracle database 18c courses are designed to provide an objective 360 degree view of the product, and while broadly following the same structure as other training providers (including of course Oracle University), will equip your team with the skills to secure maximum return from your Oracle investment whether using Oracle cloud, hybrid cloud or your own data centre / on premises configuration.

As with all iTrain courses content can be tailored and delivered to your specific needs or alternatively you can attend public class at our training centres in the UK.

For further details of Oracle 18c DBA Fundamentals please click here.

To discuss your specific Oracle 18c training planning please contact the iTrain Team now.