Oracle 13c Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

Course code: O1375

3 days £1,650.00

Oracle 13c Enterprise Manager Cloud Control classroom based training - hands on and business focussed.

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Who Should Attend?

  • DBA's
  • System Administrators
  • Systems Architects
  • Oracle Support Teams
  • Oracle Consultants and Integrators


Course Contents

Oracle 13c Enterprise Manager Cloud Control classroom based training. You will learn how to use Enterprise Manager Cloud Control to monitor and manage their enterprise-computing environment. From integrated hands on labs attendees explore Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Cloud Control framework, the out-of-box capability to manage Oracle targets with templates, monitoring target compliance, and harness job system to automate key everyday tasks, manage configurations and create and use predefined and customised reports.

Training is based around intensive hands on labs, delivered by highly experienced industry experts to provide a unique insight to the product, it's strengths, weaknesses and share invaluable tips and techniques.

Please contact your iTrain representative to arrange delivery on your site or discuss course objectives specific to your organisation and project.


  • Key Challenges for Administrators
  • What Is Enterprise Manager Cloud Control?
  • Built-in and Integrated Manageability

Enterprise Manager Core Concepts

  • Review Oracle Enterprise Manager architecture
  • Security Introduction
  • Controlling the Cloud Control Framework
  • Self-Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Backup and Recovery: Repository, OMS and OMA, Software Library
  • Viewing Log Files and Trace Files

Targets Setup

  • Targets discovery
  • Administration Hierarchy
  • Groups
  • Target Properties

Roles and Privileges

  • Roles
  • Privileges
  • Who can define Roles and Privileges
  • Privileges and Roles Uses

Monitoring Standards

  • Define monitoring standards
  • Setting and using metric thresholds
  • Using Monitoring Templates and templates collection

Managing Events and Incidents

  • Metric Thresholds and Settings
  • Define and manage incidents
  • Distinguish between incidents and problems
  • Monitor problems
  • Use incident rule sets
  • Describe the processing priority of rules and notifications
  • Corrective Actions
  • Incidents Dashboard

Using Notifications, Blackouts and Brownouts

  • Define Blackouts and Brownouts, benefits
  • Blackouts
  • Brownouts
  • Monitoring Service
  • Receiving Alerts and Notifications
  • Metric Extensions

Using the Job System

  • Core Concepts and Tasks
  • Understand job privileges
  • Distinguish predefined jobs for your user-defined ones
  • Create and manage jobs of different types
  • Creating a Multi-Task Job
  • Use the job library
  • Enable job notifications
  • View job activity

Managing Systems and Services

  • Workflow for Systems and Services
  • Define and administer systems
  • Viewing the System Topology
  • Define and create services, service types
  • Define and monitor the availability of a service
  • Discuss the use of beacons
  • Define and monitor service levels
  • Specifying Service Level Rule Elements


  • Software life-cycle management
  • Provisioning and patching
  • Use of Deployment Procedure Manager
  • Deployment procedures and use cases
  • Bare metal provisioning

Managing Configurations

  • What Is Configuration Management?
  • Viewing Configurations
  • Comparing Configurations
  • Searching the Enterprise Configuration
  • Configuration topology

Managing Compliance

  • Compliance Management
  • Define compliance management: framework, standards, and rules
  • Describe the predefined compliance functionality
  • Assign compliance standards to targets
  • View the results: score and importance

Producing and Using EM Reports Using BI Publisher

  • Information Publisher vs BIP: IP deprecated
  • BIP intro and configuration basics
  • Using Oracle-Provided BIP Reports
  • Reporting on Targets
  • Workflow for Creating Reports
  • Schedule, save, and email reports
  • Publish Enterprise Manager Reports

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