Oracle 11g Fusion Java Programming

Course code: J0011

5 days £2,300.00

Oracle 11g Fusion Java Programming teaches the core aspects of programming using Java. Attendees will gain extensive practical experience of the architectural, object-oriented nature of the Java language.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Analyst/Designers
  • Analyst/Programmers
  • Technicians


Course Contents

Attendees will gain extensive practical experience of the architectural, object-oriented nature of the Java language; learning design best practice and approach through the use of GUI applications and core JSE libraries.

Course focus is on an understanding of the Java toolkit, while learning to tackle common Java programming scenarios in a methodical and reasoned manner. Delivered using Java SE6 and JDeveloper 11g Fusion IDE, the concepts are applicable to those working in any Java programming environment, and are a necessary precursor to the learning of more advanced Java frameworks and products.

Training Course Contents


  • Java Architecture Overview
  • Introduction to the JVM
  • Java Program Structure
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Using JDeveloper 11g IDE

Declarations & Access Control

  • Declare, initialise and construct base types.
  • Classes/methods/variables and associated modifiers.
  • Packages
  • Constructor methods

Flow Control & Handling

  • Switch statements
  • Loops and loop options
  • Proper use of exceptions
  • Exception recognition
  • Using assertions

Garbage Collection

  • Understand garbage collection behaviour and eligibility

Language Fundamentals

  • Packages / Imports / Keywords
  • Class and Associated Declarations.
  • Implementing interfaces
  • Command Line Arguments
  • Primitives and object types
  • Operators and Assignments
  • Understand and determine operators and their effects.

Overload, Override, Runtime

  • Understand encapsulation
  • Invoke overloaded/overridden methods and parental or overloaded constructors.
  • Understand polymorphism and inheritance in object oriented design.


  • Define/instantiate/start new threads.
  • java.lang.Thread java.lang.Runnable
  • Understand thread execution &
  • inter-thread communication.

java.lang Package Fundamentals

  • Using java.lang.Math
  • Understand String objects
  • Wrapper classes and associated methods.

The Collections Framework

  • Arrays and Collection Classes / Interfaces.
  • Understanding Generics
  • Core Collections interfaces
  • Iterate through Collections
  • Map/List/Set implementations and appropriate use.

Java Applications

  • AWT and Swing to Learn Object Concepts.
  • Layout Managers
  • JFrame and JPanel containers
  • Events and Listeners
  • Adapter Classes
  • Event Handling in JDeveloper

Introduction to Java Applets

  • What is a Java applet?
  • Applet lifecycle methods
  • Basic applet configuration
  • Build a simple applet
  • Applets and Swing
  • Using HTML Converter

I/O and Streams

  • java.io package
  • Readers/Writers
  • Creating/processing streams
  • The Serialization Interface

Introduction to JDBC

  • Java Database Drivers
  • Statement, PreparedStatement and CallableStatement.
  • Using the ResultSet
  • Using the ResultSetMetaData
  • Best Practice and Potential Pitfalls.

Remote Method Invocation

  • Distributed computing with Java
  • RMI architecture and layers
  • Interfaces/Stubs/Skeletons
  • Serializing remote objects
  • Building and running an RMI system.
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