Oracle 11g Database Tuning

Course code: O1042

3 days £1,650.00

This iTrain Oracle 11g Database Tuning course is for everyone involved with the Oracle system and database; system architects, designers, developers and database administrators (DBA’s).

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Course Contents

Everyone involved with the Oracle system and database; system architects, designers, developers and database administrators (DBA’s), should consider performance tuning while carrying out their work.

This course is aimed at the DBA;s who need practical hands skills to analyze, manage and solve performance problems within an Oracle enterprise environment. We cover all aspects of internal database tuning on an Oracle 11g platform in this hands on four-day course.

On finishing this course delegates will return to their work place with business focussed skills to undertake proactive tuning strategies and be able to take corrective action where required.

This course can be tailored for companies wishing to receive inhouse, or closed company training.

Course Contents

  • Introduction
  • Tuning goals and methodology
  • Planning initial database configuration
  • Tuning database applications for optimal performance
  • Identifying and resolving common tuning problems
  • Using diagnostic sources
  • Logging a SR with Oracle support
  • Managing statistics
  • Structuring SQL statements for performance
  • Using the SQL optimizers
  • Using Indexes effectively
  • Examining the execution plan of a SQL statement using
  • Explain Plan
  • Examining the efficiency of SQL statements using SQL trace and autotrace
  • Using table joins
  • Monitoring statistics and wait events
  • Using metrics, alerts and baselines
  • Using statspack
  • Using the AutomaticWorkload Repository
  • Tuning the SGA and Shared Pool
  • Tuning the data block buffers
  • Using Automatic Memory Management
  • Setting the PGA and temporary space
  • Tuning checkpoint and redo logs
  • Managing disk I/O
  • Managing undo information
  • Tuning block space
  • Improving performance with materialized views
  • Using parallel execution
  • Using Database Replay
  • SQL performance management and analysis

Course Objectives

  • Course objectives include:
  • Understand and use different tuning methodologies
  • An ability to proactively plan tuning strategies using database advisors
  • Fully harness AWR tuning tools
  • Identify and address a full range of Oracle 11g R2 database performance problems
  • Fully harness the powerful features of Oracle
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