Oracle 10g Portal Java Portlets

Course code: O142

2 days

This course has been designed to follow-on from the iTrain 10gAS Portal Management course.

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Course Contents

This course has been designed to follow-on from the iTrain 10gAS Portal Management course.

The course introduces the integrated Java portlet development environment and covers all the practical skills involved with the design, development and deployment of Java based portlets through the Oracle Portlet toolkit.

A practical hands-on course, students will learn the full range of capabilities and skills within the Oracle Portal environment needed to manage and deploy enterprise wide Java based applications.

Training Course Contents

Introduction to Oracle 10gsAS

  • Oracle 10gAS Portal architecture
  • Oracle 10gAS Portal framework
  • What is a portlet provider?
  • Portlets and Providers
  • Development Choices
  • Oracle 10gAS Portal Developer Kit

Building a Simple Java Portlet

  • Java portlet renderer code
  • Defining and modifying attributes
  • Deploying the provider and its portlets to Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE (OC4J).
  • Configuring the application server for running the Java portlet.
  • Registering the Web provider with the Oracle 10gAS Portal framework.
  • Adding the portlet to a portal page

Java Portlet Functionality

  • Identifying the portlet display modes
  • Passing parameters to portlets to affect their behaviour.
  • Reading portlet parameters
  • Maintaining a continuous virtual connection between the client requests.
  • Saving Java objects into the session storage.

Enabling Portlet Customization

  • Introducing the concept of preference storage.
  • Describing the role of personalization managers.
  • Storing the user preferences in the file system.
  • Saving the customization data to the database.
  • Modifying the provider definition file to enable portlet customization.

Portlet Caching and Security

  • Identifying caching goals
  • Expiry and validation based portlet caching concepts
  • The role of Oracle 10gAS Web Cache in the invalidation-based caching process
  • Controlling access to portlets using security managers
  • Building and applying custom security managers

Build a Java Servlet Portlet

  • Benefits of servlets
  • Why use servlets as portlet renderers?
  • Building a servlet portlet renderer
  • Writing the servlet code
  • Updating the provider definition file
  • Deploying the provider
  • Turning servlets into portlets

Build JavaServer Pages Portlet

  • Portlets
  • Why use JSPs for developing portlets?
  • Writing the JSP code
  • Specifying the provider definition file
  • Deploying the provider to the application server
  • Enabling additional portlet display modes
  • Using JavaBeans in JSP Portlets
  • Accessing the session context information
  • Adding customization to JSP portlets

Multilingual Portlets

  • Overview
  • Storing translations
  • Resource bundles
  • Include translations in Portlet content
  • The provider definition file

Portlet Logging

  • Overview
  • Portlet logging architecture
  • Add logging to Portlets & testing

Debugging Portlets

  • Using JDevelopers debugger
  • Debugging Portlet code
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