Oracle 10g Grid Control

Course code: O1076

2 days £840.00

Oracle 10g Grid Control training course is designed to give the Oracle database administrator a firm foundation in the new features and enhancements in Oracle 10g Grid Control.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Database Administrators
  • Support Engineers
  • Technical Consultants


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Course Contents

This Oracle 10g Grid Control training course provides an overview of Oracle 10g Grid Control features.

Students will understand how Oracle 10g Grid Control can be used to manage and monitor an entire enterprise from a single console. The hands-on practices provide a student the knowledge to implement the Grid Control features in their enterprise. Students will learn how learn how to use Grid Control to install the management agent, configure administrators and groups, manage targets and jobs and establish security of the environment.

Oracle 10g Grid Control Training Course Contents

Grid Control's Architecture

  • Grid Control Components
  • Grid Control Console

Install Management Framework

  • Oracle Management Repository Installation
  • Oracle Management Service Installation

Managing Grid Control

  • EMCTL Utility
  • Grid Control Component Stop and Start

Groups & Grid Control Admin

  • Groups
  • Roles
  • Administrator Creation and Configuration

Monitoring Grid Monitoring

  • Problem Area Detection
  • Individual Component Monitoring

Monitoring the Grid

  • Metrics and Thresholds
  • Metric Baselines
  • Response Actions
  • Metric Comparisons
  • Blackouts

Using the Job System

  • Job Creation and Scheduling
  • Job Results
  • Job search

Host Monitoring & Management

  • Metric Threshold Values
  • Host Configuration
  • Comparisons

Database Monitoring & Mgt.

  • Database Groups
  • Oracle 8i / Oracle 9i Target
  • Configurations

Application Server Monitoring

  • Application Server Control Tasks
  • Application Server Grid Control Tasks
  • Historical Performance Data
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