Oracle 10g AS Administration

Course code: O1050

3 days

This course is designed to introduce Oracle's core web development product - Oracle 10gAS.

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Course Contents

This course is designed to introduce Oracle's core web development product - Oracle 10gAS.

This leading edge course covers the installation procedures, using the management tools, and configuring all the commonly used products that make up 10gAS.

10gAS is based on Oracle 9iAS Release 2 (9.0.2 onwards) which built on the functionality introduced with Release 1 and was substantially different from previous releases.

Training Course Contents


  • Overview
  • Role of the IAS
  • Basic Architecture of the IAS
  • Basic Architecture of a Web Server
  • Client Request
  • Web Server Response


  • Versions
  • Internet Connections & Intranet
  • Domains.
  • Pre-Installation Tasks
  • Step-by-step through the Installation
  • Infrastructure Installation
  • Other Install types
  • Post Installation Tasks

Apache HTTP Server

  • Intro to Apache Server
  • Basic Architecture
  • Configuration, HTTPD.conf configuration
  • Monitoring
  • Optimizing


  • Web Server and IAS Logging
  • Severity Levels
  • Finding Faults with Logs
  • Log Analysis Tools


  • HTTP Request-based Security
  • Authentication-based Security
  • Architecture.
  • IP- and Domain-based Security
  • Encryption & the Secure Socket Layer
  • Intro to SSL

PL/SQL Gateway

  • Intro to the PL/SQL Gateway
  • Installing
  • Configuration
  • PLSQL Web Toolkit
  • Invoking Database Procedures
  • Using PSP's


  • What is LDAP
  • The Oracle Internet Directory
  • Access the OID through ODM
  • Delegated Administration Services (DAS)
  • Bulk Command Line Tools with OID

Command Line Interfaces

  • Overview of OPMN
  • OPMN Commands
  • Overview of EMCTL
  • EMCTL Commands
  • Overview of DCMCTL
  • DCMCTL Commands

Oracle Web Cache

  • What is Web Caching?
  • Intro to Oracle Web Cache
  • Architecture.
  • Installation
  • Concepts
  • Setting up the cache
  • Configuration
  • Administration
  • Monitoring


  • Describing Oracle Containers for Java
  • Configuring Java applications
  • Monitoring Java applications
  • Starting and stopping OC4J instances
  • Using OPMN command line utility

Using Oracle Single Sign-On

  • Setting up SSO
  • Using SSO with Apache

Oracle Portal

  • Describing Portal technology, Installing
  • Portal
  • Using SSO with Portal

Oracle Forms

  • Describing Oracle Forms Server
  • Architecture
  • Finding Forms Server configuration files
  • Editing files

Oracle Reports

  • Describing Oracle Reports Server
  • Architecture.
  • Finding Reports Server configuration
  • files.
  • Editing files

Oracle Discoverer

  • Describing Oracle Discoverer Server
  • Architecture.
  • Finding Discoverer Server configuration
  • files.
  • Editing files
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