Managed Programmes for the Oil and Gas Industry

Managed training programmes, specifically for the oil and gas sector from iTrain. Focus. Service. Quality.

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iTrain's managed training programmes provide fully tailored, certificated, practical training to fully support Oil and Gas industry training needs however diverse. Working with  iTrain our customers have access to the broadest range of oil and gas focussed training.

iTrain's in house expertise and broad partner network of industry specialists, including safety, operations, maintenance, engineering, field operations, English language, management and organisational improvement and IT services provides our Oil and Gas clients the highest quality training within a one stop service. The iTrain network, working to exacting standards, has a culture of continual improvement ensuring content and methodologies are constantly up to date and where real business benefit can be guaranteed accredited to the highest industry standards.

Our programmes focus on 3, 6 and 9 months hosted programmes in London, Aberdeen, Malta, Dubai, Sydney and Bahrain. Attendees are fully supported by iTrain managed training project office including local visas to ensure both close logistical and financial management of the programme is delivered and attendees can focus on their studies.  All services required to deliver your programme will be managed by iTrain - these are defined specific to your organisation, attendees and budget.

Our cutting-edge training centres have modern classrooms, training equipment and high-tech simulators. Once attendees have learned the theory, our service continues to put these new skills into practice. On returning to the workplace attendees are further supported with computer-based distance learning course and support tailored to your need and budget.

iTrain has been providing global training services for 25 years. Our support as a world leader in oil and gas training delivers our customers access to the iTrain network of unrivalled experience, industry experts, best practise resources and professional instructors to maximise your training budget and delivered unrivalled return on your training investment (ROI).

iTrain work to an  integrated model of competence development; our client list of corporate clients includes government and industry and geographical leaders with whom we  built highly efficient, safe, uniquely competent workforces and centres of excellence. 

The highest level of skills and workforce competence is not a static function; iTrain can be retained to provide ongoing Resource Capacity Planning to proactively identify workforce competence enhancements and roadmaps and, in turn, delivery of the training and development programmes to ensure business growth is proactively delivered.

To discuss how iTrain's unique Oil and Gas Managed Programmes and services will help your organisation achieve it's operational and growth goals please contact our team to discuss your plans in detail.

iTrain Oil and Gas Managed Programme Team

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