iTrain Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 Support

29 May 2018

iTrain Vision 2030 - Training and Consultancy Support

Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, Chairman of the Council of Economic and Development Affairs set out a bold vision for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;

"Our Vision is a strong, thriving, and stable Saudi Arabia that provides opportunity for all. Our Vision is a tolerant country with Islam as its constitution and moderation as its method. We will welcome qualified individuals from all over the world and will respect those who have come to join our journey and our success."


iTrain is proud to provide full support to Vision 2030 and services are unique in their focus on Vision 2030 objectives.


Oracle and SAP consulting services within the Kingdom, in addition to ensuring project objectives are met, iTrain additionally build into the delivery plan a clear culture and focus on client enablement. Engaging with iTrain ensures Saudi Arabian clients benefit from a program of fully integrated skills transfer. iTrain welcome building additional structures into our project deliverables to embed Saudi Arabian client team into our project team ensuring skills and best practise are understood, exchanged and shared to allow our clients to build self sufficiency and skills for project close and business as usual. Investing in skills, building for the future.


iTrain's full range of training services developed over 20 years are delivered within the Kingdom. Our team are able to integrate best practise drawn from across the world into our programmes. Delivery is available in both Arabic and English. iTrain training provides clear certification for attendees. Certification based on proven ability to understand and apply course content. iTrain have the experience and skills to build testing and certification to track key KPI's of our clients to provide the highest forms of quantified, measurable feedback to both student and sponsor alike. iTrain welcome discussing your specific project and business objectives to develop fully tailored programme to build continuous improvement within your employees. Delivered and supported by both our local and international teams our clients are supported by in country and remote experts.


Duncan Brown, Programme Director comments,


"Working with our highly respected Saudi Arabian clients and Partners I have seen first hand the support, value and commitment awarded to high quality business focussed training. Vision 2030 represents an exciting, bold vision for the Kingdom, one iTrain is absolutely committed to providing our utmost support for."


For more information on iTrain Vision 2030 training and consulting services delivered within the Kingdom please contact the iTrain Team. We have local representation within the Kingdom, our Senior Team regularly visit and welcome discussing your organisations objectives and meeting to explore how iTrain can provide your organisation focussed assistance.