iTrain Closed Courses & Support

All iTrain courses are available as closed courses, offering increased cost efficiency and a more flexible approach to course delivery. To meet your organisations unique needs iTrain company specific training focuses on your:

  • Project objectives
  • Training objectives
  • Technical strategy
  • Existing delegate skills

When planning single company courses it's usual practise for your iTrain Trainer to liaise with your technical lead. This ensures that the event is delivered with the correct ‘pitch’ and focus and enabling us to provide a much more tailored approach to your specific training objectives and priorities. This is a fully inclusive service that incurs no extra fee.

In addition to tailoring our course range iTrain have extensive experience of developing project rollout courses or additional modules for our customer and are happy to discuss your requirements to provide a detailed quote.

Course Location and set up

You don’t need to have a training room to enjoy the benefits of single company training. Flexible delivery options include:

Hosted training at an iTrain centre

There has been an increasing trend for clients to have closed courses hosted at one of our training centres. A hosted course removes the task of technical setup and internal administrative tasks and provides an opportunity for higher course focus and continuity by removing the risk of attendees being called out of the course.

Training Delivered on your site

The advantage to this approach is that all your staff can be in their normal place of work reducing the cost of expenses and impact to domestic commitments. Although there is a risk interruption may occur, your key staff are also onsite should disaster occur.

Courses delivered on your site will require your IT department to set up and provide the training environment. This is as simple as a training room and equipment. From here setup is straight forward and to assist with this iTrain will provide remote support and setup guides, virtual machines or connection to our servers.

Whilst the machine specifications for most courses aren’t excessive, having a number of machines available can sometimes be an issue.

Classroom in a Box

To alleviate some of the issues with equipment on your site, iTrain have developed a ‘Classroom in a Box’ solution.

The service removes as much complication for you and your team as possible. You provide a room, furniture, power and delegates and iTrain will do the rest. The room can be on your site, or anywhere that suits your attendees.

The iTrain CIAB provides all technical equipment removing any setup, installation and testing requirements from your IT department. iTrain will provide everything that is required to run the course, including undertaking shipping, setup, installation and testing.

LAN access to your training instances or an iTrain data centre is the clients responsibility.

Benefits of Closed Courses

  • Reduced costs
  • Standardised training across your team
  • Client specific focus
  • Training pitched specifically for your business issues
  • Levels and skills of all staff taken into account for course delivery
  • Delivered on dates that match your project and team schedules