FSG in Oracle eBusiness Suite (R12)? Of course you can!


FSG in Oracle eBusiness Suite (R12)?  Of course you can!

If FSGs (Financial Systems Generators) report and OBIEE are important part of your reporting strategy then you should choose an efficient eLearning platform to train members of your organisation on how efficiently utilise them. In the meantime I will give you few Oracle trainers’ tips.

Once again another client is delighted to find they can still use their beloved Financial Systems Generator reports in R12 even though Desktop ADI is no more.

Their accounts management team soon picked up the principles of Row Sets, Column Sets and Report Manager.

Through a focused e-learning platform they were able to impart knowledge how to utilise these reports to their business managers.

Now configured, Report Manager allowed the publication of all  FSG reports  in PDF, Word and most importantly Excel formats still with that all important drilldown functionality.

Creating Content Sets and Row Orders to present the information in a way that was relevant to the Organization was no longer an issue.

Finally delegates could understand why it is so important to have the Chart of Accounts organised into logical ranges, with a set of Child, Parent, Grandparent relationships that made sense.

Using the FSG functionality that allow totals and expansions of Grandparents and Parents the true power of rollups could finally be utilised.

Trial Balances, Management Reports, Forecast Budgets are all still possible and still benefit from those all crucial security rules which control “who” sees “what” and with the Report Repository we can manage “when” and “where” we see them.

With Report Manager supporting the development of Templates for the publication of FSGs , getting the report to actually look and feel usable in Excel is no longer the tedious process it was before. Colours formats, images are all easily added into the reports.

Web ADI is now there for uploading Journals and Budgets into GL and although the process is very similar to Client ADI , the step by step screens are easy to follow and utilise and it all works through your web Browser.

OBIEE is great!  But it may not solve all your reporting requirements, so when formulating your reporting strategies do not forget your very powerful and friendly FSGs.

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Dominic Galano

Project Manager and Functional Lead at iTrain


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