Data you need. Information; something you want...

01 Jan 2019

“Big Data” is … big. Managing large data sets is a challenge. It calls for a better understanding of existing Database Management Systems (such as Oracle), and maybe the resolution to look beyond the traditional ones. ADP and eBay, McAfee and eHarmony – these are just a few names that recently invested in the full or partial move to the use of innovative NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, Neo4J, Riak, etc.

At the same time, storing and managing data, big and small, is only part of the story. Data is a raw material – useless unless properly analysed and interpreted: Information is the final product. In order to be meaningful to its consumers, information needs to be presented in a clear and understandable manner. This of course is the main purpose of Business Intelligence systems, such as Oracle’s OBIEE. It is also what underlines the requirement to unify data from a variety of sources – a complex process made easier by the use of powerful tools such as Oracle’s ODI and Informatica’s (now also part of Oracle) Power Center.

Specialising in Knowledge Management iTrain provide end to end consulting and training across these three critical areas; databases, Informatica, and OBI. As always, our expertise is independent and focused to provide our customers valued, objective support.

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