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Courses Delivered on your site

Courses delivered on your site will require your IT department to set up and provide the training environment (machine setup). This is as simple as a training room and equipment. From here setup is straight forward and to assist with this iTrain can provide remote support and setup guides, virtual machines or connection to our servers.


Please note, iTrain Terms and Conditions state:

Unless otherwise agreed, the customer will be responsible for the provision and set up of all equipment including computer hardware, software and/or remote access to iTrain systems for training being conducted on their premises.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Purchaser will be responsible for the provision and compliance of software for single company training hosted at an iTrain centre, or delivered on the Purchasers site.

If you are unsure in any way of course setup please contact your iTrain representative well ahead of the course start date.

iTrain Course Environments

To remove compatibility risk iTrain can provide either remote system access, setup guide or install course image to provide course examples and hands-on laboratories.You will be advised which method will be used for your course.

Other Equipment

In addition to technical course setup, your course will require:

  • Whiteboard
  • Internet access for both delegates and trainer
  • Trainer Projector
  • Any network, data or health & safety notices for delegates and Trainer.

Whilst the machine specifications for most courses aren’t excessive, having a number of machines available can sometimes be an issue.

Classroom in a Box

To further assist with equipment on your site, iTrain have developed a ‘Classroom in a Box’ solution.

The service removes as much complication for you and your team as possible. You provide a room, furniture, power and delegates and iTrain will do the rest. Please contact your iTrain Representative for further information on this service.


Course Attendees

The training course these Joining Instructions relate to is not taking place at an iTrain Training Centre. Please refer to the person who has booked this training on your behalf for details of the venue. All other pre-course information can be found below


Course Overview

There is a link to the course overview in the covering email to these instructions.

Please familiarize yourself with the course content, it may be helpful to you when you complete your training objectives.

Course Objectives

Course Objectives

Please follow the instructions on this form and email to us one week prior to your course.

Our trainers will review the objectives and, within the parameters of the course, achieve them where possible.


Full day courses usually commence promptly at 09:30 and are scheduled to finish between 16:00 and 16:30. Please refer to the venue and scheduling information which has been provided by the person who booked this course on your behalf. Half day courses commence at either 09:30 or 13:30.


When making travel arrangements please aim to arrive fifteen minutes prior to the start time on the first day.

Training Materials

Training manuals for your course will be provided via the Stratus LMS with username and password issued on course. Please contact support@itrain.co.uk for any details.