SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence

Course code: SB20

3 days

This course is designed to introduce students to the concepts of using Business Objects Web Intelligence (Webi) to answer business questions.

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Course Contents

This course is designed to introduce students to the concepts of using Business Objects Web Intelligence (Webi) XI R2, to answer business questions. The course is designed to take students through the basics of business intelligence from simple document design, through manipulating data and presenting data to more complex concepts such as changing calculation contexts and modifying objects behaviour.


  • Business Goals and the Universe

Navigation & Infoview

  • The Navigation Panel
  • Accessing Documents
  • Organising Documents
  • Infoview
  • Infoview Preferences
  • Infoview as My Home

Existing Reports

  • Report Structure
  • Sections & Blocks
  • Variables & Cells
  • Locating & Running Reports
  • Using Prompts
  • Printing A Reports
  • Navigation Map
  • Basic Editing
  • Using Drills
  • Snapshot Function
  • Saving Documents
  • Sending Documents
  • Export Options

Introduction To Dashbaords

  • Creating Dashboards
  • Adding menus
  • Analytics

Building Queries

  • Create A Basic Query
  • The Data Provider
  • Query Panel & Filter Panel
  • Run Query
  • Cancel Query Options
  • Adding New Objects To An
  • Existing Report


  • Applying Sorts
  • Sorts Within The Report Panel
  • Sorting Within Breaks
  • Sorting From The Query Panel

Report And Chart Formatting

  • The Formatting Toolbar
  • Cell Formatting
  • Formatting A Report

Basic Calculations

  • Calculations Overview
  • Creating Totals And Subtotals
  • Creating Formula
  • Creating Local Variables
  • Concatenating Data

Query Filters

  • Using Pre-Defined Filters
  • Creating A Simple Filter
  • Creating A Quick Filter
  • Operators & Operands
  • Filters Using The Query Panel
  • Nested Filters
  • Building Prompts
  • Ranking Results


  • Creating Alerters
  • Adding Sub-Alerters
  • Formatting Alerters
  • Adding/Removing Alerters


  • Creating Charts
  • Available Charts
  • Turn To/ Templates Tab
  • Charting Existing Data
  • Displaying A Graph With Data
  • Formatting Options


  • Scheduling Documents
  • Using Email With Schedules

Multiple Data Providers

  • Building Sub-queries
  • Synchronizing Data
  • Data Synchronising Options

Combined Queries

  • Creating A Combined Query
  • Equal to Another Object

Formula Editor

  • Using The Tool Bar
  • The Full Formula Editor
  • Date String Functions
  • Character String Functions
  • Using Dates In Calculations

If, Then Else Logic

  • Creating A Basic IF Statement
  • Using IF To Group Results
  • Using IF To Modify Results

Advanced Techniques

  • Using Formulas Within Alerters
  • Running Aggregate Functions
  • Using The NOFILTER Command

Calculation Contexts

  • Using Dimensions In Input & Output Contexts
  • Using Context Operators In Input Contexts
  • Using Keywords In Input & Output Contexts