ARC GIS Mobile (ISU)10.2

Course code: AG02

2 days £840.00

iTrains ARC GIS Mobile (ISU) 10.2 Training Course is designed to provide attendees a comprehensive introduction to ARC GIS Mobile (ISU)10.2 for the Utility Industry.

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Who Should Attend?

End Users
Field Engineers 


Basic PC Skills

Understanding Of Basic GIS Concepts

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Course Contents

ARC GIS Mobile (ISU) Business Focused Training course is delivered as a mixture of instructor led discussion and practical hands-on labs to provide background, crucial practical tips and techniques to ensure attendees are ready to fully harness their new skills on return to their work place. 

Our ARC GIS mobile course is ideal for end users and field engineers within the ISU industry, delegates will fully explore the range of functionality and workflow within ARC GIS Mobile.

In addition to covering content outlined below the training session provides attendees an opportunity to discuss how skills obtained can be adopted to the work place.

This course can be tailored for companies wishing to receive in house, or closed company training.

What is Mobile ARC GIS

  • Benefits of Mobile ARC GIS


  • Tasks
  • Launching ARC GIS from SAP MAM Navigating


  • Search Criteria
  • Choosing what to search for
  • Defining search criteria


  • Zoom
  • Zoom in or out
  • Group Layers


  • Street
  • Post code
  • OS Grid Reference
  • X Y Co-ordinates
  • Tile
  • NGR Reference

Identify and work list

  • Identify
  • Storing features in your work list using the search features task
  • Viewing and updating features in your work list
  • Organizing features in your work list
  • Inspecting the attributes of features in your work list
  • Deleting features in your work list
  • Display attributes
  • Add to work list
  • View Work list
  • Remove from work list

Raising further work including Interruption Boundary

  • To move a job
  • Valve Changes


  • Sketch Line
  • Sketch Point
  • Sketch Polygon


  • Trace any valve
  • Trace closed valves
  • Trace to find mains and properties
  • Trace ignore valve

Valve Information

  • Current and historical status
  • Direction of operation
  • Highlighted location
  • Related boundary and impacted properties


  • Measure length
  • Measure area
  • Measure feature
  • Sort feature
  • Filter feature

Logging into ARC GIS, Navigating and Searching

  • What is Mobile GIS
  • Benefits of Mobile GIS
  • Launching ARC GIS from SAP MAM
  • Navigating the map
  • Navigating
  • Panning
  • Zooming
  • Identifying features
  • Group Layers
  • Searching

Receive and Move a Job, Tracing, Identify, Attributes

  • Tracing

Redlining, Sketch Line and Sketch Point

  • Redlining a sketch line (linear asset)
  • Redlining a sketch point (point asset)
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