R12.x Cash Management Fundamentals

Course code: G111193

2 days £1,100.00

This course is designed to give the delegate an understanding of the key areas of functionality in R12.x Cash Management

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Who Should Attend?

End users Functional Implementers Business Managers


Basic Oracle eBusiness navigation A knowledge of cash management business processes

Course Contents

This course will show the delegates how to setup Cash Management and intergrate it with other Oracle Modules.

This course demonstrates the key functionality within CM and how it fits in with business processes and the accounting



  • overview of the bank account model
  • verview reconciling bank accounts
  • key concepts of cash pools, cash positioning, and cash forecasting

Cash Management Security

  • Secuirty model
  • Creating security profiles
  • Creating security grants

Setting Up Oracle Cash Management

  • Set up for Oracle General Ledger
  • Set up for related applications
  • Cash Management set up

Creating Bank Accounts

  • Defining banks
  • Defining bank branches
  • Creating bank accounts
  • Defining bank transactions codes
  • Defining bank account signing authorities

Bank Transfers

  • Describing how to set up bank transfers
  • Creating a bank transfer
  • Settling a bank transfer
  • Creating a bank account transfer template
  • Creating bank statement cashflows

Managing Bank Statements

  • Importing bank statements
  • THe Bank Statement Open Interface
  • Correcting bank statement errors
  • Entering bank statements manually

Reconciling Bank Statements

  • Reconciling bank statements manually and automatically
  • Recording exceptions and reversals
  • Reconciling corrections and adjustments to bank errors
  • Clearing and unclearing transactions
  • Transferring bank reconciliation transactions to your general ledger
  • Explaining archiving and purging

Cash Pools

  • Creating cash pools
  • Viewing cash pools
  • Updating cash pools

Cash Positioning

  • Creating cash positioning worksheets
  • Generating cash positions from worksheets
  • Generating a cash leveling proposal
  • Viewing cash position results
  • Exporting cash position results to your spreadsheet application
  • Viewing cash positions in Discoverer

Cash Forecasting

  • Defining a cash forecast template
  • Generating a cash forecast
  • Modifying a cash forecast
  • Exporting a cash forecast to your spreadsheet application
  • Identifying implementation considerations
  • Using cash forecasting reports

Accounting Events

  • Describing the accounting flow in Oracle Cash Management
  • Describing the key concepts of Oracle Subledger Accounting
  • Describing how to set up Oracle Subledger Accounting for Cash Management
  • Creating manual journal entries
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